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PPC Management

Launching a promotion, or need to increase traffic to your website quickly?


PPC Management Hampshire

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent tool for launching products and promotions, but it can be prove expensive if it's not approached in a structured way. Starting a campaign in Google Adwords seems a simple task, however there are a number of steps, which if done correctly can increase the results beyond recognition.



Sugar Free Media provides a dedicated PPC Management service that will work with you to thoroughly understand your business, the market in which you operate and your target audience before we so much as look at a computer. In order to attract the intended targeted traffic we first need to understand what your target customers look like, and as importantly the type of customers you do not wish to attract. As you are paying for every click, there is little point in creating a huge traffic flow to your website only to find that 10% are relevant.


PPC Keyword Research


In a similar way to our SEO process, a well managed PPC process should be based on thorough keyword research. The nature of PPC campaigns is that they need to hit the ground running, and therefore this is no time or budget for a "suck it and see" approach. We start every campaign from the ground up, ensuring that the basics are in place to track every click and every pound spent.


PPC & Google Analytics


One of the most important steps is to link your Google Adwords account with your Google Analytics account. This simple step that takes just a few minutes ensures that you have complete visibility of every person that click on your campaign. It is then possible to review keywords used against bounce rates to ensure that non-relevant or low conversion keywords are remove before that consume your budget. This link is at the heart of successful PPC Management, and we strongly recommend that you check to ensure that it is implemented on your site today.


PPC and Quality Score


Questions concerning low quality scoring ads dominate the calls that we receive. Google assigns a quality score to an ad and if that score is too low your advert will rarely if ever be shown. Google take into account a number of factors when determining the quality score, and as such we ensure that all ads that we create go through our appraisal process to insure relevance.


PPC Management Services


Sugar Free Media provide the following PPC Management services:


- Campaign creation
- Campaign management
- Management reporting (Web Analytics)
- Budget Management
- Keyword Research


PPC Hampshire Service


Sugar Free Media works closely with business across Hampshire and offers a special discounted PPC Hampshire service. If your business is based in Hampshire and is a member of the Hampshire Chamber of commerce we provide all members with a 15% discount on our PPC Hampshire service.


Typically Sugar Free Media runs both PPC Management and SEO Consultancy services in parallel. The keyword research, which is at the heart of both services, can be shared reducing the ongoing costs significantly.